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Military Should Cultivate Nation’s Young Cyber Hackers

According to an opinion recently published on U.S. News & World Report, the U.S. military needs our kids for more than just combat, and they should make it a priority to cultivate the nation’s young cyber talent. Hacking has reached a frenzy. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump himself should beware and the hacktivist group Anonymous has declared cyber war on his online presence. The article notes that since the 1980s there have been detrimental hacks to countless government, corporate and organization websites. Even entertainers like Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake have come under attack.

Why do hackers do what they do? Whether they are making a political statement like Anonymous, or whether they are teenagers simply seeking infamy or personal entertainment – one thing is true: hackers are an extremely talented young bunch. Why not put their talents to good use by protecting our country’s infrastructure? And corporations take note – you need these young folks too! Source

Stopping Pirating And The Role Of Internet Companies In The United States

In an attempt to cut down on illegal downloads of copyrighted materials, internet service providers have teamed up with the motion picture and movie industry. The ISPs have agreed to warn consumers who have engaged in illegal downloads with emails that are increasingly urgent. Repeated violations can result in the reduction of the speed of violators’ broadband connections. As well, it can force you to a web page that clairifes. Most people are probably not even aware they are committing an illegal act. As well, many homes have wireless networks set up, and others in close proximity to their residence may be able to use their connection to download illegally. The companies have assured consumers that there will be a review process for any customers who feel they have been mistakenly accused.


What You Need To Know About Internet Companies In Your State

Your internet service may be lacking in several ways. But if you listened to a think tank out of Washington, D.C. a couple of years ago, there was nothing to worry about. Whether you used a big or small provider to get online, all was good. This may seem like quite a different stored when compared to the many published reports that say we Americans are paying more per megabit for our internet than virtually any other country in the world.

But how can there be nothing unacceptable about American broadband policy? And how could the report go further, accusing those who disagree with their findings of having a populist economic ideology? The truth is that not all was sunshine and roses in the report. The think tank who developed it, namely Information Technology and Innovation Foundation researchers, did say that there is much room for improvement with American broadband.


ISPs Continue Their Monitoring Of Customer For Illegal Activity

The days are gone where music and video files can be freely swapped between users with no worry about regulation. The trend began with Napster, and helped many a user to get their hands on rare audio tracks. Unfortunately, this did nothing for the artists who created the music, as they weren’t compensated for these millions of instances where their music was shared.

Since then, many of these file sharing sites have been shut down. But torrent sites do remain. However file sharing has changed since a large group of internet service providers entered into an agreement with the RIAA. The ISPs agreed to monitor customer accounts and educate consumers with a warning when they use their accounts for the illegal downloading of copyrighted material.


Internet Service Providers in Houston Texas May Offer Email Help

Before email became such an integral part of our work and personal lives, we didn’t mind receiving email notifications. But these days, there can be almost one hundred emails staring back at us at the beginning of a day on average. And it can seem impossible to stop them from coming, even if we’ve checked each email address.

With news of the post office planning to stop Saturday deliveries, many realize that it’s only a matter of time before our dependence on email increases. But thankfully, there are many apps available, some from Internet Service Providers in Houston Texas which can help us prioritize and sort our email so that we don’t feel so overwhelmed about which ones to answer.


Getting A Wireless Connection On Your Smart Phone

If you’re in an area with not-so-great internet access, you might be relieved to know that you can get online with your cell phone – you just have to use it as a wireless router. All you need is a phone that has internet capability as well as a data plan. You also need a laptop and a USB cable. Once you have these, you can create your own WiFi hotspot. But there are certain things to be aware of before trying this out. First, the data limits for your particular package can be reached very quickly when you use your phone in this way. And so checking into charges for extra data usage is a smart idea. Similarly, your phone’s battery life will run out fast, so it’s a good idea to plug your phone in while you’re using it as a router.


Online Copyright Infringement Costs More Than You Think

Are you infringing on copyright or taking money away from anyone, simply by going online to catch missed episodes of your favorite shows? According to a recent study, you may be. It was revealed that copyright infringement costs the United Stated about 60 billion dollars, over 300,000 jobs and about two billion dollars in tax revenue. The internet is an almost endless sea of resources for anyone who wants to watch TV shows and movies online. And not all of these sources offer their selections legally. While sites like YouTube and Hulu have removed many copyrighted TV and movie content from their lists, there are still many more that have yet to be removed.


Protect Your Wireless Home Network from Unwanted Eyes

Today, almost every family has wireless networks in their home. These networks use wireless routers that are connected to DSL or cable modems. The routers then transmit the internet signal through the home. But many people are unaware that when others come near your home, they may be able to access your internet connection for free. Some of these people reportedly drive around neighborhoods specifically to search for these wireless connections that they then tap into.

Their goal is to gain access to your sensitive information, like that contained in bank accounts or other personal information about you. It has been reported that there are millions of dollars in financial losses that occur due to this kind of illegal access into the wireless networks of unsuspecting families. The good news is that there are many solutions you can employ to protect yourself from these attacks.


Find Out How Secure Your Internet Connection Is With These Top Tips

As you surf from always-on wireless home network, you may not think about who is out there looking to get in on your connection. These people have all sorts of tools in their arsenal to hack your connection. But they can also monitor your online habits as well as obtain your login information. This can mean many things, including the possibility that can access your bank account online right after you do.

Your ISP will often allow you to purchase a wireless router to easily set up your wireless home network. Sometimes internet service providers in your area will even throw a router in for free, depending on the plan you choose. But it’s your job to ensure your own online protection, and so making sure you look into encryption, software firewalls and anti-virus protection is a good idea. And don’t forget to look into hotspot safety as well. It’s easy to access the internet safely and securely with a little bit of know-how.


Protect Your Wireless Connection From Hackers

If your household uses a wireless network with a wireless router, you have reason to be worried. It has been reported that millions of dollars in have been lost by families whose internet connection was illegally accessed. Who does this? Hackers who visit neighborhoods using scanners which reveal available wireless networks. A router can send a signal that can actually be accessed outside your home. There are many ways to protect your family, however. The first defense against these kinds of intruders is to encrypt your signal when you turn on your router for the first time. Firewalls should also be set up on each of the computers that your family members use. You should ensure your firewall is enabled and that you disable any file sharing features in Windows.


How Internet Service Providers Assist The Entertainment Industry

It’s no shock to anyone with internet access or another news source that the entertainment industry has lost a lot of income due to piracy of content online. Consumers are not only technically savvy, but love a bargain or a freebie, and sometimes, they can’t resist downloading stuff they really don’t have a right to be downloading according to copyright law.

So ISPs are teaming up with rights groups connected with the music and film industries to help educate consumers about how breaking copyright laws affects these industries. Many users of internet service providers have already been notified by copyright owners that they are in violation. And many of us are fine with knowing what’s out of bounds so that we can take preventive measures to eliminate this problem.

The Future Could See Connection From Satellite Internet Service Providers Being Even Faster

Could we soon be experiencing internet speeds that are up to ten times faster while we’re in the sky? Yes, according to a recent report. While most of us have to wait until we land to check our email due to the slow internet connections on planes, a new consultation may change all that. Ofcom, the United Kingdom’s broadband regulator is now wondering whether satellite technology should be used for much faster electronic communication while we’re on the move. Currently passengers on flights only have limited internet access, which forces them to get online with their mobile phones or by the use of a dongle.

If approved, Ofcom’s proposal would see passengers on board planes, cruise ships, trains and the like being able to surf the internet at speeds of up to 50 Mbps. Currently, airlines are testing internet speeds of only 430 kbps. However, it would have to be satellite internet service providers who open up their service to those private airline and other companies so that the latter could decide whether or not it was a service they wish to pay for. Once the transaction occurs, airlines and others could then offer the service to their passengers at whatever cost they deem appropriate.


Google, Bug Bounties, And Internet Service Providers In My Area

Any security researcher looking to make some good money already knows that the best place to find it is by working via the Google Vulnerability Rewards Program. This endeavor was created to reward the efforts of researchers who help the company make its programs, including Chrome, more secure by finding vulnerabilities there. Each found bug, according to the program information can net a research $500, with typical payouts amounting to at least $1000 per bug. The more severe the bug, the higher the payout can be.

But just yesterday, the company announced that it would be as much as quintupling the amounts it awards to researchers who uncover new bugs in the system. This is because, as the company says, the results from its bug bounty programs and the researchers who find bugs via internet service providers in my area has resulted in a set of leading standards in security response time to be created. As well, it has resulted in the company’s Chrome product being able to continuously meet its claims of being both faster and more secure than other browsers. The company has said that it will continue its offering of bonuses for the patching or detailed reporting of bugs.

Getting Wireless Internet Service Is Easier Than You Think

Everyone is so busy talking about cable, fiber optic and even DSL internet connections. But what about wireless? In this case, there is more than one type. One can get a wireless connection in the home from any internet type, simply by connecting a wireless router to the modem which supplies your internet connection. Simply ensure the router is located in a central part of your home, and you will be able to get online just about anywhere in or outside of your home, as long as you don’t roam too far out of range.

The other type of wireless is offered by companies who only offer this connection type. When searching for a new wireless internet provider, you may come across companies who offer small devices that you can take with you in order to create your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot. This will help you to avoid exposing your personal information to anyone who scans public Wi-Fi networks in places like cafes, parks and bus stations. Another way to get wireless is to access a satellite internet company, as this internet type doesn’t require the use of any land lines in order to provide a connection.


Frighteningly-Intuitive Apps May Be On The Horizon

If Google and other heavy hitters have anything to say about it, new tools will soon be on the market that will actually anticipate the needs of their users. Called ‘predictive search’, the technology will be available in the form of one or more apps which will know what a user needs before they request it. While many see this is kind of a creepy development, the technology behind it is quite interesting. The reason these apps would seem so intuitive would be because they would have already scanned your email messages and calendar, and would know your location, among other things.

And the technology would not only be available on personal mobile devices, say the experts. They would also be integrated into household items we already use, such as mirrors, alarm clocks and refrigerators. Such technology is already being employed in the Google Glass product with Google Now, an app that provides information to the user without that user having to request it. So for instance, a person wearing the Google Glass product in an airport would receive flight departure information in real time. The future will reveal just how this type of technology can be integrated into our daily lives without putting personal privacy at risk.

Resolving Issues With Your Cable Internet Service

Everything’s great when your internet connection is working. But when something goes wrong, it can really put a damper on your day. And if you use your computer to earn your living, then every minute is lost revenue for you. The first reaction of many when their internet connection goes awry is to panic. But staying calm is the best beginning to figuring out what may have gone wrong. First of all, the issue may be at your end; cords do become disconnected, and modems do have to be reset from time to time in order to restore a connection.

Many ISPs offer direct links to the status of their operations. Logging into your particular cable internet service online will usually get you there. Once you have clicked on the link, you can see if any outages have been reported by customers, and how long ago. If your connection issue is already listed, then there isn’t much you can do but wait for the connection to be restored and revisit the status page to see if the issue has been resolved. Of course, if outages seem to be occurring on your ISP’s side several times in a month, it could be a signal that you may need to start looking at a more reliable provider.

Would Internet Service Providers in Chicago Illinois Tell You If You Were Being Watched?

Few customers of internet service providers in Chicago Illinois would ever think that their chosen company would stand behind them if a larger entity were watching. But this may be exactly what happens if a ruling is deemed unconstitutional. The ruling in question involves the laws surrounding the NSL, or National Security Letter. These letters are used by the FBI to order the turning over of customer information from ISPs and other service providers. Currently, any customer being watched as the result of an NSL issuance will never know about it.

Around for at least the last 30 years, NSLs have proven to be priceless where terrorism cases are concerned. But because NSLs don’t require judicial approval to obtain, the potential for abuse is a very real possibility. In fact, a report of NSL abuses was ordered in 2007, which revealed several thousand misuses of this particular power.

Social Media Via Internet Service Providers in Houston Texas Needs To Be Dealt With

Is social media having so much of an impact that it needs to be controlled in some way via internet service providers in Houston Texas? Yes, according to federal regulators. What spawned this kind of a statement? Apparently, the recent hacking into of the Twitter feed of the Associated Press. The subsequent panic in the markets may have also helped.

Although nothing was officially put into place, it was suggested that stronger rules for cyber security needed to be imposed for those companies engaged in trading and investing. Breaking of these rules may possibly result in those financial firms being sanctioned and held accountable for not having the ability to protect themselves from security breaches. The statements were made by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and their members.

One Of The Major Internet Service Providers Offers Reward For Vandalism Suspects

Following the cutting of fiber optic cables in San Jose, one of the major internet service providers has decided to offer a sizeable reward for any information leading to the capture of those responsible. The cable-cutting occurred in two locations earlier this week, and rendered residents of a nearby city unable to call 911. AT&T is offering a $250,000 reward for what they are calling well-planned and coordinated attacks.

In addition to the cutting of fiber optic cable, shorts were also fired at the electric transformers utilized by PG&E, which damaged at least five transformers and spilled cooling chemicals. Investigators are saying that the two acts of vandalism are related. Interestingly, a similar incident occurred four years ago, although it is unclear whether any suspects were identified.

Using A Router For Wireless Internet Service? Easy Hacking Is Possible

If you recently bought a top-notch wireless router, you may not be pleased by the latest findings by a report written by Independent Security Evaluators of Baltimore. It was found that 13 of the most popular wireless internet service routers can easily be exploited by hackers who have either WLAN or LAN access.

The report found that all 13 routers which were evaluated can be taken over from the local network. What’s worse is that four of the thirteen routers don’t require an active management session in order to be taken over by hackers. These are critical security vulnerabilities, according to experts, and while users may think attacks on routers are rare, they are growing in number and as such, should be something that users keep an eye on.

Best Internet Provider In My Area Now Targeting Austin

It appears that the best internet provider in my area has now set its sights on major providers in Austin, Texas. The company announced that its Google Fiber product would be launched in that city by the middle of next year, challenging two other major ISPs, namely AT&T and Time Warner Cable. Google has said that it will offer pricing similar to that currently being offered in Kansas City, site of its initial rollout.

Austin Google Fiber subscribers can get free internet service for an installation fee if they don’t wish to subscribe to the total $120 per month package. The standalone internet service offers download speeds of 5 Mbps, much slower than the company’s 1Gbps, $120 per month offering. Austin’s current population of 820,000 and median income of $51,596 make it a good candidate for Google Fiber service, something that many experts say is the next chapter for worldwide internet speeds.

Finding The Right Internet Providers By Zip Code

It’s probably true that we are more bombarded by advertisements than ever these days. And ads from internet providers by zip code are no different. But when we understand that each ISP is competing with another for our business, it becomes easier to see why there are so many deals for internet service being offered. This can make it tempting to go for the cheapest price when we’re looking for another provider.

Unfortunately, a low price doesn’t guarantee great service. If a provider is going to be of total value, it must have all the aspects of a quality company: adequate speed and reliability for the price, along with knowledgeable and available tech support when it’s needed most. And a company like this can only be found by conducting research on several companies and comparing them to one another.