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Getting A Wireless Connection On Your Smart Phone

If you’re in an area with not-so-great internet access, you might be relieved to know that you can get online with your cell phone – you just have to use it as a wireless router. All you need is a phone that has internet capability as well as a data plan. You also need a […]

Protect Your Wireless Home Network from Unwanted Eyes

Today, almost every family has wireless networks in their home. These networks use wireless routers that are connected to DSL or cable modems. The routers then transmit the internet signal through the home. But many people are unaware that when others come near your home, they may be able to access your internet connection for […]

Find Out How Secure Your Internet Connection Is With These Top Tips

As you surf from always-on wireless home network, you may not think about who is out there looking to get in on your connection. These people have all sorts of tools in their arsenal to hack your connection. But they can also monitor your online habits as well as obtain your login information. This can […]

Protect Your Wireless Connection From Hackers

If your household uses a wireless network with a wireless router, you have reason to be worried. It has been reported that millions of dollars in have been lost by families whose internet connection was illegally accessed. Who does this? Hackers who visit neighborhoods using scanners which reveal available wireless networks. A router can send […]

Ever Wondered How Reliable That Shiny New Phone Really Is? The Answer Is Here

These days, it seems like there are a hundred different makes, styles and brands of phone available on the market. If it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for a new one, then the range of choice will likely seem overwhelming. How can you possibly know which one is the most reliable? The good news is […]