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Category Archives: internet privacy & security

Military Should Cultivate Nation’s Young Cyber Hackers

According to an opinion recently published on U.S. News & World Report, the U.S. military needs our kids for more than just combat, and they should make it a priority to cultivate the nation’s young cyber talent. Hacking has reached a frenzy. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump himself should beware and the hacktivist group Anonymous has […]

Stopping Pirating And The Role Of Internet Companies In The United States

In an attempt to cut down on illegal downloads of copyrighted materials, internet service providers have teamed up with the motion picture and movie industry. The ISPs have agreed to warn consumers who have engaged in illegal downloads with emails that are increasingly urgent. Repeated violations can result in the reduction of the speed of […]

ISPs Continue Their Monitoring Of Customer For Illegal Activity

The days are gone where music and video files can be freely swapped between users with no worry about regulation. The trend began with Napster, and helped many a user to get their hands on rare audio tracks. Unfortunately, this did nothing for the artists who created the music, as they weren’t compensated for these […]

Protect Your Wireless Home Network from Unwanted Eyes

Today, almost every family has wireless networks in their home. These networks use wireless routers that are connected to DSL or cable modems. The routers then transmit the internet signal through the home. But many people are unaware that when others come near your home, they may be able to access your internet connection for […]

Find Out How Secure Your Internet Connection Is With These Top Tips

As you surf from always-on wireless home network, you may not think about who is out there looking to get in on your connection. These people have all sorts of tools in their arsenal to hack your connection. But they can also monitor your online habits as well as obtain your login information. This can […]

How Internet Service Providers Assist The Entertainment Industry

It’s no shock to anyone with internet access or another news source that the entertainment industry has lost a lot of income due to piracy of content online. Consumers are not only technically savvy, but love a bargain or a freebie, and sometimes, they can’t resist downloading stuff they really don’t have a right to […]

Using A Router For Wireless Internet Service? Easy Hacking Is Possible

If you recently bought a top-notch wireless router, you may not be pleased by the latest findings by a report written by Independent Security Evaluators of Baltimore. It was found that 13 of the most popular wireless internet service routers can easily be exploited by hackers who have either WLAN or LAN access. The report […]

Free Outdoor Wi-Fi for Santa Clara Internet Users, Thanks To Smart Meters

The  ‘smart meters’ which have replaced electric utility meters in Santa Clara, California offer much more than simply the ability to send utility usage reports via wireless; they also contain an additional channel which offers free internet access. This isn’t a new concept in the city, which already has several small areas of free yet […]

Cyber Security Of Internet Service Providers In Washington DC Focus Of U.S. And China Talks

Tuesday of this week was the day that China extended a request to the United States to discuss the state of cyber security via internet service providers in Washington DC and other companies. This is seen as ironic by many who have observed the recent and lengthy back-and-forth regarding accusations of cyber attacks between the […]

China Responds To Cyber Attack Accusations, Fueling Word War

Following statements earlier this week that the Chinese army has been responsible for hacking attacks on businesses in the United States and elsewhere, the country published an editorial in its China Daily newspaper that questioned the reasoning of the United States in making such accusations. The editorial went further to say that it was merely […]