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Military Should Cultivate Nation’s Young Cyber Hackers

According to an opinion recently published on U.S. News & World Report, the U.S. military needs our kids for more than just combat, and they should make it a priority to cultivate the nation’s young cyber talent. Hacking has reached a frenzy. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump himself should beware and the hacktivist group Anonymous has […]

Stopping Pirating And The Role Of Internet Companies In The United States

In an attempt to cut down on illegal downloads of copyrighted materials, internet service providers have teamed up with the motion picture and movie industry. The ISPs have agreed to warn consumers who have engaged in illegal downloads with emails that are increasingly urgent. Repeated violations can result in the reduction of the speed of […]

Google, Bug Bounties, And Internet Service Providers In My Area

Any security researcher looking to make some good money already knows that the best place to find it is by working via the Google Vulnerability Rewards Program. This endeavor was created to reward the efforts of researchers who help the company make its programs, including Chrome, more secure by finding vulnerabilities there. Each found bug, […]

Frighteningly-Intuitive Apps May Be On The Horizon

If Google and other heavy hitters have anything to say about it, new tools will soon be on the market that will actually anticipate the needs of their users. Called ‘predictive search’, the technology will be available in the form of one or more apps which will know what a user needs before they request […]

One Of The Major Internet Service Providers Offers Reward For Vandalism Suspects

Following the cutting of fiber optic cables in San Jose, one of the major internet service providers has decided to offer a sizeable reward for any information leading to the capture of those responsible. The cable-cutting occurred in two locations earlier this week, and rendered residents of a nearby city unable to call 911. AT&T […]

Best Internet Provider In My Area Now Targeting Austin

It appears that the best internet provider in my area has now set its sights on major providers in Austin, Texas. The company announced that its Google Fiber product would be launched in that city by the middle of next year, challenging two other major ISPs, namely AT&T and Time Warner Cable. Google has said […]

Finding The Right Internet Providers By Zip Code

It’s probably true that we are more bombarded by advertisements than ever these days. And ads from internet providers by zip code are no different. But when we understand that each ISP is competing with another for our business, it becomes easier to see why there are so many deals for internet service being offered. […]

Arrest Made In Florida Over Fraud Via Internet Service Providers In Portland Oregon And Other Companies

Investors who were defrauded by a 71-year-old defendant may soon see justice following his arrest in Florida earlier this week. The man, a former Oregon governor candidate told investors that he had access to IPO shares in Facebook and additional companies accessed by users of internet service providers in Portland Oregon and other providers. The […]

Ever Wondered How Reliable That Shiny New Phone Really Is? The Answer Is Here

These days, it seems like there are a hundred different makes, styles and brands of phone available on the market. If it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for a new one, then the range of choice will likely seem overwhelming. How can you possibly know which one is the most reliable? The good news is […]

Multimedia Violence Campaign Involves Internet Service Providers In Los Angeles California

Parents should know that they have the power to control what their kids see via internet service providers in Los Angeles California ¬†as well as at the movies. That’s the message that Hollywood is trying to send with a new multimedia campaign. The campaign is designed to educate parents about not only film and game […]

Kids Receive Coding Encouragement Via Tech Luminaries And Internet Service Providers In San Jose California

Growing up, many of us saw commercials which encouraged us to stay in school, and stay away from drugs and bullying. And now, a new video has been produced which is encouraging schools to teach computer coding in schools, and urges kids to learn more about it. The video, released online earlier this week and […]

FCC To Push For More Wi-Fi From Internet Service Providers In San Francisco California

WI-Fi may be about to get faster. At least, that will be the case if the FCC gets its way. It recently announced that it will be pushing for higher speeds and more access to public Wi-Fi via internet service providers in San Francisco California. Among the positives of this expansion, should it occur, would […]

China Responds To Cyber Attack Accusations, Fueling Word War

Following statements earlier this week that the Chinese army has been responsible for hacking attacks on businesses in the United States and elsewhere, the country published an editorial in its China Daily newspaper that questioned the reasoning of the United States in making such accusations. The editorial went further to say that it was merely […]