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Would Internet Service Providers in Chicago Illinois Tell You If You Were Being Watched?

Few customers of internet service providers in Chicago Illinois would ever think that their chosen company would stand behind them if a larger entity were watching. But this may be exactly what happens if a ruling is deemed unconstitutional. The ruling in question involves the laws surrounding the NSL, or National Security Letter. These letters are used by the FBI to order the turning over of customer information from ISPs and other service providers. Currently, any customer being watched as the result of an NSL issuance will never know about it.

Around for at least the last 30 years, NSLs have proven to be priceless where terrorism cases are concerned. But because NSLs don’t require judicial approval to obtain, the potential for abuse is a very real possibility. In fact, a report of NSL abuses was ordered in 2007, which revealed several thousand misuses of this particular power.