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Frighteningly-Intuitive Apps May Be On The Horizon

If Google and other heavy hitters have anything to say about it, new tools will soon be on the market that will actually anticipate the needs of their users. Called ‘predictive search’, the technology will be available in the form of one or more apps which will know what a user needs before they request it. While many see this is kind of a creepy development, the technology behind it is quite interesting. The reason these apps would seem so intuitive would be because they would have already scanned your email messages and calendar, and would know your location, among other things.

And the technology would not only be available on personal mobile devices, say the experts. They would also be integrated into household items we already use, such as mirrors, alarm clocks and refrigerators. Such technology is already being employed in the Google Glass product with Google Now, an app that provides information to the user without that user having to request it. So for instance, a person wearing the Google Glass product in an airport would receive flight departure information in real time. The future will reveal just how this type of technology can be integrated into our daily lives without putting personal privacy at risk.