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Google, Bug Bounties, And Internet Service Providers In My Area

Any security researcher looking to make some good money already knows that the best place to find it is by working via the Google Vulnerability Rewards Program. This endeavor was created to reward the efforts of researchers who help the company make its programs, including Chrome, more secure by finding vulnerabilities there. Each found bug, according to the program information can net a research $500, with typical payouts amounting to at least $1000 per bug. The more severe the bug, the higher the payout can be.

But just yesterday, the company announced that it would be as much as quintupling the amounts it awards to researchers who uncover new bugs in the system. This is because, as the company says, the results from its bug bounty programs and the researchers who find bugs via internet service providers in my area has resulted in a set of leading standards in security response time to be created. As well, it has resulted in the company’s Chrome product being able to continuously meet its claims of being both faster and more secure than other browsers. The company has said that it will continue its offering of bonuses for the patching or detailed reporting of bugs.