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The Future Could See Connection From Satellite Internet Service Providers Being Even Faster

Could we soon be experiencing internet speeds that are up to ten times faster while we’re in the sky? Yes, according to a recent report. While most of us have to wait until we land to check our email due to the slow internet connections on planes, a new consultation may change all that. Ofcom, the United Kingdom’s broadband regulator is now wondering whether satellite technology should be used for much faster electronic communication while we’re on the move. Currently passengers on flights only have limited internet access, which forces them to get online with their mobile phones or by the use of a dongle.

If approved, Ofcom’s proposal would see passengers on board planes, cruise ships, trains and the like being able to surf the internet at speeds of up to 50 Mbps. Currently, airlines are testing internet speeds of only 430 kbps. However, it would have to be satellite internet service providers who open up their service to those private airline and other companies so that the latter could decide whether or not it was a service they wish to pay for. Once the transaction occurs, airlines and others could then offer the service to their passengers at whatever cost they deem appropriate.