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Military Should Cultivate Nation’s Young Cyber Hackers

According to an opinion recently published on U.S. News & World Report, the U.S. military needs our kids for more than just combat, and they should make it a priority to cultivate the nation’s young cyber talent. Hacking has reached a frenzy. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump himself should beware and the hacktivist group Anonymous has declared cyber war on his online presence. The article notes that since the 1980s there have been detrimental hacks to countless government, corporate and organization websites. Even entertainers like Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake have come under attack.

Why do hackers do what they do? Whether they are making a political statement like Anonymous, or whether they are teenagers simply seeking infamy or personal entertainment – one thing is true: hackers are an extremely talented young bunch. Why not put their talents to good use by protecting our country’s infrastructure? And corporations take note – you need these young folks too! Source