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Best Internet Provider In My Area Now Targeting Austin

It appears that the best internet provider in my area has now set its sights on major providers in Austin, Texas. The company announced that its Google Fiber product would be launched in that city by the middle of next year, challenging two other major ISPs, namely AT&T and Time Warner Cable. Google has said that it will offer pricing similar to that currently being offered in Kansas City, site of its initial rollout.

Austin Google Fiber subscribers can get free internet service for an installation fee if they don’t wish to subscribe to the total $120 per month package. The standalone internet service offers download speeds of 5 Mbps, much slower than the company’s 1Gbps, $120 per month offering. Austin’s current population of 820,000 and median income of $51,596 make it a good candidate for Google Fiber service, something that many experts say is the next chapter for worldwide internet speeds.