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Getting The Most Out Of Mexican Cinema

Casa Negra films was a Mexican cinema production company that produced films for the horror genre. Among some of its more sought-after titles were Curse of the Crying Woman, Brainiac and Witch’s Mirror.

The Mexican horror film industry has existed since about 1934 with films written and directed by Juan Bustillo Oro that total over 60 in fifty years. It’s an unfortunate fact that many Mexican movie houses were showing mainly westerns and melodramas during Oro’s heyday.

It wouldn’t be until the early 1950’s that the attention of the movie houses would be aroused by Mexico’s tale of the Frankenstein story, called El monstruo resucitado. This movie was a great success, and soon, these Mexican horror films were taking centre stage.

K. Gordon Murray, an American producer was responsible for making Mexican films popular in the United States. He purchased, rewrote and overdubbed more than sixty of these films from his Soundlab studio, which was dedicated to making foreign films understandable to the English-speaking masses.

Casa Negra films received rave reviews from several prestigious organizations and magazines. Today, the genre of Mexican horror films lives on in movies like From Dusk Till Dawn and The Devil’s Backbone.

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