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Free Outdoor Wi-Fi for Santa Clara Internet Users, Thanks To Smart Meters

The  ‘smart meters’ which have replaced electric utility meters in Santa Clara, California offer much more than simply the ability to send utility usage reports via wireless; they also contain an additional channel which offers free internet access. This isn’t a new concept in the city, which already has several small areas of free yet limited Wi-Fi located in public areas.

However, some are already viewing this new internet outlet as something that should be used with caution, as free Wi-Fi carries with it many security risks, regardless of where the connection originates. The city of Santa Clara flipped the switch on the free Wi-Fi this week, and says it is the first city in the United States to use its smart meters for free Wi-Fi in a city-wide basis.

Arrest Made In Florida Over Fraud Via Internet Service Providers In Portland Oregon And Other Companies

Investors who were defrauded by a 71-year-old defendant may soon see justice following his arrest in Florida earlier this week. The man, a former Oregon governor candidate told investors that he had access to IPO shares in Facebook and additional companies accessed by users of internet service providers in Portland Oregon and other providers. The man would use the money procured from investors to pay previous investors in a manner resembling that of a Ponzi scheme.

The man had obtained a significant amount of money from several schemes he was involved in. The attorney who file the criminal charges estimates over $8 million was obtained by the man illegally. In addition to funding previous investors, the man also financed his own personal expenses. He has been charged with two counts of securities fraud, and two counts of wire fraud.


Cyber Security Of Internet Service Providers In Washington DC Focus Of U.S. And China Talks

Tuesday of this week was the day that China extended a request to the United States to discuss the state of cyber security via internet service providers in Washington DC and other companies. This is seen as ironic by many who have observed the recent and lengthy back-and-forth regarding accusations of cyber attacks between the two economic leaders.

The Obama administration appealed to China directly earlier this week to stop its trade secret theft and instead, engage in a discussion regarding the establishment of normal internet behavior, a move which the National Security Advisor believes can only be initiated by China and the United States, as they are the two leading global economies. China responded amicably, stating its willingness to talk on the basis of mutual respect and trust.

Ever Wondered How Reliable That Shiny New Phone Really Is? The Answer Is Here

These days, it seems like there are a hundred different makes, styles and brands of phone available on the market. If it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for a new one, then the range of choice will likely seem overwhelming. How can you possibly know which one is the most reliable? The good news is that now, you can. FixYa, the tech assistance web site has released an analysis of over 700,000 report requests which it says gives a good representation of reliability.

In addition, the analysis reveals what users did and didn’t like about their phones. Motorola was the brand deemed to be the least reliable, with many users complaining of touch screen problems and preinstalled apps. Apple garnered the top spot, with most iPhone models having no problem reports. But battery life was communicated as an issue by 35% of those who complained.

Multimedia Violence Campaign Involves Internet Service Providers In Los Angeles California

Parents should know that they have the power to control what their kids see via internet service providers in Los Angeles California  as well as at the movies. That’s the message that Hollywood is trying to send with a new multimedia campaign. The campaign is designed to educate parents about not only film and game rating systems, but also the parental controls that are available to them.

Many sectors in the entertainment world have endured criticism, especially following the school murders in Newtown, Connecticut. This campaign aims to start a conversation about violence in the media by including informational web sites and advertising in theaters. As well, television commercials have been produced and some have been made available via YouTube. They are already well-known in some parts of the world, involving parents who talk to violent movie characters about blocking them from being viewed.

Kids Receive Coding Encouragement Via Tech Luminaries And Internet Service Providers In San Jose California

Growing up, many of us saw commercials which encouraged us to stay in school, and stay away from drugs and bullying. And now, a new video has been produced which is encouraging schools to teach computer coding in schools, and urges kids to learn more about it. The video, released online earlier this week and availabe via internet service providers in San Jose California and other providers, stars individuals who are well-known in the tech world, including Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

But it also features stars from other realm’s such as the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh. In the under- six minute video, tech icons talk about how their interest in coding began, and other stars talk about the lack of programming education in schools today. Coding can have many potential benefits to students, including helping them develop critical problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

FCC To Push For More Wi-Fi From Internet Service Providers In San Francisco California

WI-Fi may be about to get faster. At least, that will be the case if the FCC gets its way. It recently announced that it will be pushing for higher speeds and more access to public Wi-Fi via internet service providers in San Francisco California. Among the positives of this expansion, should it occur, would be more access points for consumers and the creation of more Wi-Fi providers.

The push comes in light of Wi-Fi congestion being noticed in urban areas where a lot of businesses use the service. Even those living in apartment buildings and using wireless are noticing many symptoms of congestion. The increased speed and capacity will come from an increased amount of unlicensed spectrum. However, the spectrum segment that will be used for this increase may pose a problem, as some of it is already occupied by government organizations.



China Responds To Cyber Attack Accusations, Fueling Word War

Following statements earlier this week that the Chinese army has been responsible for hacking attacks on businesses in the United States and elsewhere, the country published an editorial in its China Daily newspaper that questioned the reasoning of the United States in making such accusations. The editorial went further to say that it was merely a scapegoat to divert attention away from the economic issues currently affecting the United States.

In addition, the editorial stated that China itself had experienced several cyber attacks from the United States on its People’s Liberation Army. Forensic evidence had allegedly been discovered by the United States and the findings released earlier this week which point to hacking group APT1, part of the Chinese military unit 61398, as being the origin of significant cyber attacks. In addition to the suspicion of diversion from economic woes, others in China opined that the release of hacking information and a new cyber security strategy by the United States this week was merely an advertisement for its cyber security services.

Cyber Attacks Via Internet Service Providers in Columbus Ohio And Other Providers China-Based?

A report by the New York Times says that a study will be released today which confirms the origin of most cyber attacks on the United States via internet service providers in Columbus Ohio. American intelligence has confirmed that much of the digital evidence gathered on these cyber attacks on government agencies, corporations and organizations points to origins from a Chinese army unit. In addition, the report will reveal tracking of individual members of what is known as the most sophisticated Chinese hacking group in existence.

The Chinese hacking group, which goes by the name “Comment Crew” among others, seems to be located in and near to the People’s Liberation Army in Shanghai. Researchers say that either attacks are coming from within the PLA’s headquarters, or are somehow bypassing the eyes and ears of some of the world’s most-monitored internet networks.


Enjoy The Best Of Mexican Horror Films With Quality Internet Providers

When you’re looking for a special kind of scary, a good place to start is with the Mexican horror film genre. Incredibly engaging and well-written, these Mexican films have a long history that started in the early 30s. That’s fun scary. But what’s not fun scary is the frustration you could experience when trying to watch videos with a slow internet connection. If your speed isn’t what you want, then why settle for second best? Thankfully you don’t have to when you research ISPs online with a quality comparison resource. In just a few minutes, you could be enjoying all of the fine Mexican cinema that the internet has to offer. And many providers will reward you for signing up online by giving you discounted months of service or free equipment.